Situated in the north western Free State, at the meeting of the Vals and Vaal Rivers, the town of Bothaville is considered to be one of the top agricultural districts in the country.

Bothaville is the cornerstone of South Africa’s maize producing region, the maize quadrangle. The district of Bothaville is also a major producer of other crops such as sunflower, sorghum, peanuts, etc. which serves to boost a fast-growing rural town with a lively business sector.

Bothaville is officially known as the Maize Capital of South Africa and proudly hosts the Grain SA Nampo Harvest Day every year.

Bothaville Info Guesthouse Service provides a one-stop solution to all visitors’ accommodation needs as far as Bothaville and the surrounding area is concerned. Follow this link to the Bothaville website for accommodation options and assistance.

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