Exhibitors Rates for NAMPO Alfa 2022


3m x 3m (9m²)

R6 555 (vat included)

3m x 4m (12m²)

R8 625 (vat included)

4m x 4m (16m²)

R11 385 (vat included)

4m x 5m (20m²)

R14 145 (vat included)

*Included in price – carpets, shell scheme, fascia name and 1 plug point


10m x 10m (100m²)

R3 500 (vat included)

15m x 15m (225m²)

R5 625 (vat included)

15m x 20m (300m²)

R6 000 (vat included)

15m x 30m (450m²)

R6 750 (vat included)

30m x 30m (900m²)

R9 000 (vat included)

Accredited Service Providers

GL Events

Contact Person: Adri Pentz
Tel: (011) 210 2502
Cel: 082 929 3335
Fax: 086 634 9537
E-mail: adri.pentz@gl-events.com

Distinctive Choice

Contact Person: Amanda Viviers
Tel: (021) 556 6288
Cel: 082 415 7979
E-mail: amanda@dischoice.co.za

Antoinette Events Management

Contact Person: Antoinie & Nikki du Toit
Tel: (028) 425 2729
Cel: 084 839 7137
E-mail: events@antoinetteevents.co.za

Mzanzi Tents

Contact Person: Walter Fuls
Tel: 087 802 2279
Cel: 072 244 3355
E-mail: walter@mzanzitents.co.za

Contact Person: Jacques Roeloffse
Tel: 087 802 2279
Cel: 076 132 0159
E-mail: sales@mzanzitents.co.za

Flower Contacts

Bredasdorp Kwekery: 082 424 1284
Flower Heaven: 078 909 4579 / 078 957 9963
Antoinnette’s Events: (028) 425 2729

Exhibitors Contact Information

Grain SA / Nampo / Toit Wessels

086 004 7247 – toit@grainsa.co.za

Grain SA / Nampo / Bennie Zaayman

086 004 7247 – bennie@grainsa.co.za

ALFA / Lewendhawe Uitstallings / Albert Loubser

082 562 2188 – albert@nampoalfa.co.za

Supporting Officer: – Luzelle Botha


Exhibitors Information

  • All exhibitors in the halls will have access to their stands as from Monday 26 August 2019 for the build-up of exhibitions.
  • Outdoor exhibitors will have access to their stands as from Monday 19 August 2019 for the build-up of exhibitions.
  • The build-up of all indoor designer stands and marquees must be completed by Monday 2 September 2019 at 17h00.  All other work must be completed before 14h00 on the Tuesday preceding the NAMPO Cape 2019 show.  No building off exhibitions will be allowed after this time and the gates will close at 14h00 for all deliveries. 
  • No vehicles will be allowed inside the halls from Saturday 31 August 2019. Please consider carrying out the preparation work over the Monday or Tuesday or the preceding weekend. Please also refrain from using another exhibitor’s stand to load and/or off-load your equipment and/or moving across another exhibitor’s stand.
  • Exhibitors are also requested to remove all pallets, cardboard boxes, ext. in which exhibition material and/or products are packed, from the stands on the Tuesday before the commencement of the show in order to ensure that the terrain is clean before the opening on the Wednesday.
  • Exhibitor’s may totally or partially dismantle his or her exhibition or remove the said exhibition or products from the stand from 17:30 – 20:00 on the Friday evening, 6 September 2019 and on Saturday 7 September 2019 from 06:30.
  • All exhibition material and/or building work in the halls, must be removed by die contractor/exhibitor within 7 days of the last day of NAMPO Cape 2019.
  • Exhibitors can make use of the off-loading area for equipment at Gate C where 1 standard loading beds of 1.2m will be available.Exhibitors can also make use of the area next to the “Veteraantrekker” area as build-up area.
  • Exhibitors may not transport exhibition equipment to and from their stands during the official show hours.
  • Extraordinary deliveries (replacement of stock only) to stands will only be allowed between 06:30 and 07:30 every day through Gate C only.
  • No food or beverage may be brought onto the terrain by exhibitors, but can be bought on the terrain at the kiosks.
  • Please note that the Show grounds will open at 07:15 for exhibitors and 08:00 for the public and close at 17:00 for the public and 17:45 for exhibitors every day. Exhibitions must be manned and ready for business as from 08:00 until 17:00. Please advise your representatives accordingly. No exhibitors and/or visitors will be allowed on the premises after closure at 18:00.
  • Exhibitors will receive an e-mail from Grain SA with a pdf-file containing the free exhibitor’s tickets.Please make sure that you print these tickets.
  • Exhibitors can also buy additional entrance tickets (at the standard price) through TicketPro . Tickets will also be available at the entrance gates during the show.
  • Exhibitors are urged to contact Bredasdorp Park at 028 – 050 1385 or admin@expo.org.za for all your electricity and water requirements.
  • Please note thatall the outdoor exhibitors must bring a lead of not less than 30 metres to get access to an electricity box.All the 3 phase points will have 16 amps and not 32 amps. The 3 phase outlet socket will be a 16 amps 5 points socket.
  • No generators will be allowed on stands.
  • Temporary workers will be issued with a bibby. The bibbie’s will be available from Tuesday 4 September 2018 till Tuesday 11 September 2018 at the NAMPO Cape Info office.
  • If you bring your own workers, then these workers should be registered at the Information Office from Tuesday 4 September 2018 till Tuesday 11 September 2018, should they not wear company branding.
  • Exhibitors will only be allowed to make use of the official security firm appointed by the NAMPO Cape management and will not be allowed to make use of their own attendants.No person will be allowed to stay or sleep in exhibitions overnight (after closing of halls and the show).This rule is not applicable to the livestock exhibitors who, within the applicable rules, may have herdsmen on the terrain during the night.
  • Exhibitors who require security guards on their stands can contact the Bredasdorp Park office at 028 – 050 1385 for more info.

*Please ensure that all staff involved is aware of the contents of this letter as well as the Rules and Regulations for all Exhibitors at NAMPO Alfa